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Selecting a courier and logistics partner you trust is important; they are a reflection of your business and the service you provide to your customers. Because Jag Express works with various businesses across many sectors – including many in the healthcare industry – ensuring our service is 100% compliant with the necessary regulations is critical.

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Jag Express have over 20 years of experience in specialist courier services, particularly serving the healthcare, university, biotech and pharmaceutical sectors.

We are proudly ISO 9001:2015 accredited

ISO 9001:2015 is a worldwide standard that Jag Express proudly hold. It is a standard that sets requirements for a strong Quality Management System.

What does this actually mean? It means that when you work with Jag Express, you can trust that we have a specific set of processes, procedures and activities that are carried out (and improved on) to deliver our services. It’s globally recognised and we are regularly audited to ensure we adhere to the strictest compliance standards.

Jag Express is ISO 9001-205 accredited

When our business talks about compliance, we focus on three key areas:

1. Courier, staff and business accreditations:

These are the necessary accreditations and certifications our business and team need to ensure we operate at the highest level and deliver the most compliant service for our customers. Our accreditations include:

  • Dangerous goods shipping qualifications for all modes of transport
    • IATA Dangerous Goods Accreditation
    • ADR Dangerous Goods Accreditation
    • IMDG Dangerous Goods Accreditation
  • ADR awareness training for our staff
  • Compliance with ISO-9001 Quality Control Accreditation

2. Ongoing training and development for our staff and couriers:

This is important as the world is constantly changing. All of our clients are unique and as such, they all have different requirements to ensure their safety and compliance standards are met. Not only do our staff and courier drivers keep up to date on the last processes and health and safety practices regularly, they also work with clients to ensure their Standard Operating Procedures are followed to the highest standard.

3. Vehicle and road safety:

As a logistics provider, we have an obligation every day to be safe on the road. This is not only to keep our drivers safe but to keep our whole community safe. Our drivers carry out a dangerous driving course to ensure they are equipped with the best skills for any road conditions. We also carry out quarterly vehicle safety checks to ensure the road standards are met – this includes regular services, maintenance checks, MOT checks, and equipment checks – such as skill kits in the van and emergency equipment such as a first aid and breakdown kit.

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Healthcare courier services by Jag Express

It’s also important to us that we’re part of the local community that we operate in – Cambridge.

We are proud to be members of the Cambridge Network. Cambridge Network is a membership organisation with over 1,000 members, with the goal of bringing local businesses together. Being a member of the Cambridge Network means we can network and engage with other local businesses like ours to find out what challenges they face and celebrate the success of business together.

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