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A Specialist Medical Courier Service

Whether your organisation requires a hospital courier service to augment your in-house fleet, or a one-stop provider for all your medical delivery needs, we provide medical courier services tailored to your needs.

Our extensive courier network allows your team to prepare and schedule shipments on a set timetable or at a moment’s notice. This flexibility applies to any type of shipment in the healthcare sector, from temperature-controlled vaccine and biological specimen transportation to the delivery of time-sensitive internal documents.

As well as local and UK-wide collections and deliveries, we also have a international medical courier service to support your regular, adhoc and confidential consignments. Jag Express medical couriers carry the appropriate bloodborne pathogen PPE and are trained in the best practices of transport of blood and blood products, as well as spillage protocols.

We have over 20 years of experience providing medical courier services to hospital networks, GP offices, and academic facilities; even pharmaceutical manufacturers and biotechnology laboratories. We are experienced and trusted throughout the healthcare sector as a reliable partner that can save you valuable time and money.

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Our medical courier experts are ready to assist with all of your organisation’s shipping needs. We understand the importance of your consignments and offer specialist, compliant care and support to deliver for your organisation.

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What we deliver for hospitals and healthcare organisations

From vaccines, blood products, and biological specimens to medical equipment and documents, Jag Express can cover all of your organisation’s healthcare courier services.

Blood Courier

Blood, blood samples and blood products need to be transported with the utmost care. Not only because there are associated hazards and dangers associated with the transportation of blood specimen, samples are often not easily replaced and might be required urgently for patient wellbeing and care.

There are a few considerations when you are looking to transport DNA and blood samples safely and efficiently. They include the correct use of containers and packaging, compliance with blood and DNA transport regulations, supplier accreditation and vehicle compliance, and exposure of the sample to temperature. You can read more about these considerations and how to select a professional blood courier service, such as Jag Express, in our 'Transporting blood samples safely and effectively' blog.

Jag Express is one of the few medical couriers in the UK that has documented training for all of our blood transport drivers and associated healthcare staff. All drivers carry appropriate PPE, are trained in spillage procedures and have vehicles that are regularly monitored for compliance and cleanliness. We know that efficient and timely delivery is one of the critical requirements to meet bleed-to-test times, and ensuring quality patient care is paramount. Speak to a member of the Jag Express healthcare courier team today to learn how we can help.

Vaccine Courier

Vaccine logistics and its importance has been front-and-centre over recent years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Vaccines are sensitive biological products which require care whilst transporting, with a particular focus on providing a strictly controlled environment temperature. This is because the effectiveness of the vaccine being transported can be hugely impacted if exposed to temperature extremes.

Years of experience and a vast medical delivery network has positioned Jag Express as a leading courier service for time-sensitive, temperature-controlled vaccine transport. We rely on our accredited couriers to ensure best-practice and all suitable regulations are adhered to, as well as the use of appropriate packaging to ensure vaccine efficacy remains. Refrigerated transport, monitored with the latest technology, is also an option for vaccine and other temperature-controlled shipments. We can offer vaccine logistics options which include both frozen storage as well as dry ice transport.

Courier for Biological Samples and Specimens

Our medical courier services team has assisted private and teaching hospitals, NHS Foundation trusts, and Acute trusts with medical supply and sample deliveries, ranging from organ donations to urine sample - even materials for clinical trials. Both our medical courier and international medical courier services are also used for replenishment of key medical supplies and stock. Our technology allows you to track shipments every step of the way, including a signed electronic proof of delivery at the completion of the delivery.

Temperature-Controlled Courier

Temperature controlled logistics is a vital cog in our economy, but it comes with its challenges and complexities. Between the items being transported, to the right packaging, storage, labelling, documentation (if you're shipping internationally), and the actual transportation journey, there are a lot of steps to manage to ensure the items being shipped are done so safely and efficiently. Our team of temperature controlled logistics experts have supported our clients with everything from blood sample, vaccine, and hazardous goods shipments.

Trusted by NHS trusts, GP surgeries and private pathologists, Jag Express provides a nationwide fleet of refrigerated trucks (complete the temp-tracking technology) dedicated to medical materials transportation. We are a critical temperature-sensitive provider for all UK medical courier needs, from biotechnology samples to organ delivery and everything else in-between for the healthcare sector.

Our team of experts have written a guide to temperature controlled logistics if you're interested in learning more.

Medical Equipment Courier

Our nationwide medical courier services extend to high-value medical equipment transport, from MRI machines to hospital beds. We even have vehicles dedicated to oxygen transport (helpful for replenishment routes). As regulations allow, we can even transport multiple types of items in the same vehicle, reducing the number of daily deliveries to your locations.

Medical Document Courier

Jag Express partners with several hospital and GP networks throughout the healthcare sector to transfer sensitive medical documents such as patient records and X-rays, as well as internal mail and publications. Many of our healthcare clients benefit from a regular scheduled daily run between GPs, hospitals and laboratories to ensure documentation is at the right place at the right time. This type of service also ensures delivery efficiency and reduced the internal resourcing required to arrange collections and drop-offs in a timely manner.

Security is key when it comes to highly confidential document logistics. Our couriers have standard operating procedures in place to ensure the safety of the vehicle and its content are maintained at all times. Further to that, we offer dedicated healthcare courier services which means your facility's documents are the only ones transported in the vehicle to ensure the ultimate in peace of mind and safety.

The Jag Express medical courier team are well equipped, trained and accredited to meet any requirements an organisation has.

There are many advantages of using a specialist medical courier if you operate in the healthcare industry.

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Medical courier case study by Jag Express

Client case study

This award-winning medical device consultancy has been partnered with Jag Express for over 10 years. We proudly support them with a range of courier and logistics solutions, including international import and export support.

Read our case study to learn more about how this partnership has enabled the client to save on costs and improve customer experience.

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