As a proud Cambridge courier business, we are committed to supporting both our local community and those further afield.

Supporting our local community

Ensuring that children and young adults in local Cambridgeshire have access to the best medical support and services is important. That’s why the Cambridge Children’s Hospital project was founded – to create a world-first hospital that cares for children’s physical and mental health, together.

Jag Express has been a proud fundraising partner for the Cambridge Children’s Hospital since May 2023. We are committed to raising funds for this amazing project through quarterly donations, campaign initiatives and donations made on behalf of customers via our referral programme.

To learn more about the Cambridge Children’s Hospital project or to donate, you can visit their website here. If you would like to learn more about how you can get involved via Jag Express, please contact our team here.

Jag Express has joined the fundraising efforts for the Cambridge Children's Hospital

Supporting communities further afield

It’s no secret that the logistics sector contributes to CO2 emissions and has an impact on the environment. It’s important to us that we play our part to reduce our emissions where possible and offset carbon as much as we can. It’s with this in mind that we are partnered with Ecomatcher and PROAmazonia to use a portion of our profits to offset carbon through a reforestation scheme.

  • PROAmazonia is a UN-acknowledged NGO that works on conservation, sustainable production, climate change, gender and interculturality initiatives in Ecuador. Their core initiative is to direct the traditional production methods for the 4 commodities that are considered the main cause of deforestation – coffee, cocoa, palm and livestock – to more sustainable production.
  • Ecomatcher plant trees and complete forests with vetted foundations (such as PROAmazonia). They use technology to help us know everything there is to know about our reforestation efforts – down to where every tree is planted and satellite technology to even see the growth in real-time.

Our clients can get involved with our reforestation efforts by referring a like-minded company to Jag Express! Learn more about our referral programme here.

Reducing our impact on the environment

Alongside our reforestation scheme, we also have other operational initiatives that reduce the impact our business has on the environment.

  • We ensure our couriers are supported with technology which allows them to plan and deliver shipments in the most efficient manner. Efficiency can be achieved through optimised route mapping and the consolidation of deliveries (where appropriate and possible) to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Our team works hard to recycle almost all of our internal paper and cardboard usage. We are also vigilant when it comes to retaining as much packaging material as possible for re-use, and we offer reusable packaging solutions to our customers.

Specialist couriers who care

We are always looking for new ways to support our local communities and causes that matter to our customers, as well as reducing the impact we have on the environment. If you want to learn more about the initiatives Jag Express is part of, or have an idea on something we could get involved in next, please get in touch with our team today.

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