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What is clinical trial logistics?

Clinical trials are a key research tool to help the advancement of medical knowledge and patient care. The tests and treatments offered to volunteers can be carried out or administered onsite at a medical or research facility, or sometimes at the volunteer’s home. This is where clinical trial logistics come into play. Specialist medical couriers partner with research organisations to ensure the safe, compliant and fast delivery of clinical trial samples. These movements often require a courier to have specialist accreditation to handle clinical trial samples, as well as specialist packaging or the use of temperature-controlled vehicles. This is why using a specialist medical courier that is trusted in the industry is critical.

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Clinical trial logistics management – delivering you peace of mind

When you work with Jag Express, our specialist courier team is on hand to ensure your clinical trial logistics run smoothly. We have over 20 years of experience in healthcare logistics and already work with many organisations – from biotech start-ups to university research facilities – to support their clinical trial supply chain management.

  • Our team is accredited with IATA and ADR qualifications to ensure the safe handling and transportation of biological goods, hazardous and dangerous goods, and other sensitive materials. Jag Express also has ISO 9001 accreditation. We pride ourselves on end-to-end operational compliance for our clients.
  • We offer expertise and management of all documentation (including customs) and packaging – whether a shipment is moving throughout the UK or worldwide – to ensure your delivery experience is stress-free.
  • We have access to a wide range of specialist packaging supplies including the highest specification thermal control boxes, LN2 dry shippers, and Co2 incubator units – as well as a complete range of chilled or frozen packaging supplies and fresh dry ice made to order. We also stock the most common sizes of UN approved packaging, and associated packaging materials for those dangerous goods shipments.
  • Our operations team works with our dedicated fleet which are specifically allocated and designed for temperature-controlled shipments. Temperature monitoring equipment is available across all temperature ranges from cryo to ambient so that you have full transparency, every step of the way.
  • We work with carefully selected global partners to ensure your clinical trial shipments get to where they need to in a timely, compliant and safe manner. The Jag Express team has years of experience working with these partners and have personal relationships with those who are experts in the medical logistics field.
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Clinical trial logistics – local, national and international services

Every customer is unique, that’s why our team ensures each delivery is mapped and managed according to your specific requirements and to solve your challenges. Whether you’re a lab technician, department manager, scientist, researcher or logistics manager, we can support you with the right logistics solution:

  • Urgent and time-critical same day delivery – throughout the UK and cross-border movements to some parts of Europe. This solution is perfect for urgent movements of clinical trial samples from research facilities and organisations to laboratories for testing (we can also route return journeys).
  • Ad hoc, pre-booked and pre-routed regular A-to-B runs between multi-site facilities or testing locations.
  • Temperature-controlled shipments for same day, next day delivery, as well as internationally (complete with documentation, labeling and customs declarations support).
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Healthcare solutions through clinical trial logistics

Get in touch today to speak to a Jag Express clinical trial logistics expert. We love to support organisations like yours to solve your logistical challenges.

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