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Jag Express are Pharmaceutical Transport specialists.
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Whether your organisation requires one-off pharmaceutical transport or a biotech courier service, to a one-stop provider for all of your biotech and pharmaceutical shipping needs, Jag Express is here to help.

We act as a critical link between research and development companies, operations, manufacturing centres and the wider healthcare industry. Our pharmaceutical courier services can help your organisation seamlessly handle any logistics requirements to almost any destination throughout the UK and worldwide. Jag Express pride ourselves on offering an end-to-end solution that delivers the ultimate in peace of mind for our clients.

Our specialist pharmaceutical transport service handles a wide range of requirements, ranging from urgent same day logistics of dangerous and hazardous goods, pharmaceutical temperature controlled transport, dry ice shipping, specialist international courier services and pharmaceutical courier solutions. Clients also rely on us for the moment of equipment, supplies and important documentation between sites, laboratories and manufacturing facilities.

We can offer these services for a set time, a dedicated ‘milk run’, adhoc or urgent delivery, and always with same day, next day and expedited delivery options.

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The Biotech and Pharma Logistics Service that you can rely on

We proudly support multiple clients in the biotech and pharma sector. You can read about how we help one of our client’s, a market-leading global biopharma company, to deliver on internal promises and services here.

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What we transport for the biotech and pharmaceutical sector

Jag Express has regional and international experience handling the distribution of anything from raw materials and finished goods for many operations in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sector. This experience in transporting, storing, and handling high-purity and temperature-sensitive materials, in accordance with high levels of compliance, makes us uniquely suited to meet the demanding distribution needs of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Laboratory consumables, equipment and machinery

One of the main benefits of using Jag Express is our ability to handle all elements of your organisation's supply chain. By combining multiple shipments and mapping your exact logistics needs, we can reduce your landed cost on laboratory consumables and medical equipment such as test tubes, personal protective equipment (PPE) and other safety gear such as laboratory gases, biohazard containment solutions, pipettes, etc.

Dangerous and hazardous goods

Pharmaceutical transportation isn’t just about being clean; it also requires the ability to sometimes transport hazardous goods in compliance with regulations and guidelines. Jag Express offers hazardous goods transport solutions and expertise with a dedicated fleet and accredited and compliant couriers.

Specimens and samples

Jag Express is one of the few pharmaceutical couriers in the UK that has documented training for all of our blood transport drivers and associated healthcare staff. All drivers carry appropriate PPE and are trained in spillage procedures.

Temperature-controlled items and packaging

Jag Express provides a nationwide fleet of temperature controlled couriers which can support cold chain logistics, as well as dry ice shipping options, that are dedicated to the transport of medical supplies (including medication) and pharmaceutical goods. We are a critical temperature-sensitive provider for all UK pharmaceutical courier needs, from biotechnology samples, organs, blood and medicine delivery.

Why is Jag Express right for your pharmaceutical delivery

Nationwide Temperature-Controlled Network

From routine testing samples to urgent supply transfer, refrigerated shipments move with minimal temperature variance. The vehicles in our healthcare and pharmaceutical transportation division are inspected each morning, and throughout the day for compliance.

Reliability and Transparency

More than ever, biotech and pharma goods are subject to scrutiny at all levels, from production to final delivery. Partner with a pharmaceutical transport expert that shares your commitment to excellence. Our seamless transportation service combines inventory visibility and end-to-end management with unparalleled documentation and compliance.

Streamlined Solutions

As generic drugs and government-backed vaccines become commonplace, biotech and pharmaceutical providers are forced to look at other avenues to stretch their budgets. A partnership with Jag Express offers several avenues to reduce landed costs through efficient logistics and distribution.

A broad range of services

Jag Express’ years of experience in traditional transportation sectors allows us to support every aspect of your organisation. We do this by offering courier solutions for all types of goods, from hazardous materials to office supplies, even last-minute event materials!

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