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As experts in dry ice shipment transportation in the UK, across Europe and worldwide destinations, we specialise in the logistics of temperature-sensitive items. Our clients include biotech, pharmaceutical and medical companies, hospitals, laboratories and University departments. Because dry ice, or carbon dioxide, is classified as dangerous goods, it’s important to work with a specialist logistics team who are trained, experienced and accredited.

With over 20 years of experience in dry ice shipment transportation, we understand the specialist care and handling dry ice and temperature-controlled items require. We can not only supply you with the dry ice, or cool (gel) packs, polystyrene or insulated box and suitable approved protective packaging where needed, but we can ship it to virtually anywhere worldwide.

Our team are experts in building customised solutions to suit your business shipments and understand the importance of timely and efficient delivery. Jag Express guides you through and takes care of all the tricky work involved. Contact our friendly team to find out more.

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How our dry ice shipment service works

  • Firstly, we’ll advise and provide you with the temperature control packaging that is best to be used to safely deliver your items. Whether that is dry ice, chilled gel packs or frozen gel packs.
  • We can then provide you with a suitable and approved protective package to keep your items or product secure and safe during transit.
  • We can also provide temperature monitoring services for both frozen and ambient shipments. Our specialist equipment guarantees that your items will remain at the temperature it needs during the whole delivery
  • Our team will provide support with the correct labels, parcel weight and other requirements to ensure its compliant delivery.
  • Lastly, your delivery can be shipped direct on our same day or next day service across the UK

Can you ship dry ice internationally?

Yes you can! Whilst there are regulations and compliance considerations, a logistics partner who is experienced in the international shipping of dangerous goods can help. Key considerations include compliant packaging, correct documentation (including Customs requirements and the correctly labelled package) and the correct delivery service to get your goods to their destination.

  • If required, we offer advice on regulatory requirements and Customs. We even can assist in preparing all the necessary documentation and labels for you. With decades of experience in dry ice shipment transportation, we are well-connected and knowledgeable when it comes to getting your shipping requirements achieved seamlessly.
  • Our international service will take your items to virtually worldwide, For those that are short on time, our express service is here for you.

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Can you ship packages with dry ice?

Dry ice is produced commercially by extracting CO2 from the air and then cooling and compressing it until it liquefies. When this liquid is allowed to expand and vaporise rapidly, it sublimates into a dense white fog. It is basically the solid form of carbon dioxide. If mishandled, it can cause severe tissue damage - dry ice is classified as dangerous goods. It is strongly recommended that handling dry ice should be left to experienced couriers. As it is extremely cold, dry ice is an ideal material to keep items chilled during transport.

What are the benefits of dry ice shipping?

Dry Ice is the best option to keep your items in the right condition during transit. There are many benefits to shipping with dry ice:

  • Dry ice does not change the texture or affect the item
  • Dry ice is environmentally friendly
  • Dry ice is non-toxic and non-flammable
  • Dry ice stays colder for a longer period of time than its alternatives

Jag Express is a leading national and international dry ice courier

Whether you're sending medical supplies or shipping dry ice, we get your packages to their destination safely and on time.

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