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Growth in the medical and scientific research sector

The work that University research departments and institutes carry out has never been more important. Biotech, Chemistry, Medical and Science departments (to name a few) are constantly working to deliver medical and scientific advancements that benefit us every day. Whilst funding for research increases, the complexities and compliance around the transportation of research shipments is only getting trickier. Not only is there a multitude of processes and safety standards to uphold, the actual logistics of getting research samples to Europe due to Brexit have never been more challenging.

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Challenges organisations face with research sample logistics

When we speak with PhD students, scientists and researchers, we often hear of similar challenges when it comes to research sample logistics:

  • Trust and reliability: Being able to rely on the logistics supplier you partner with is critical. Research samples are often one-off and cannot be replaced (or at least not without great cost, time and inconvenience). This means that when a shipment gets lost, damaged or isn’t delivered in the appropriate condition (for example, regulated temperature), it is a major issue.
  • Transparency and communication: Being able to track an important, irreplaceable shipment is critical in the research sector. Without the ability to live-track deliveries, receive delivery updates and understand who you can speak to more information can make the entire process stressful and challenging.
  • Compliance: When shipping samples that require packaging to certain safety standards, dry ice for temperature control or additional safety requirements for dangerous or hazardous goods, there are regulations that must be followed. Working with a logistics partner that has the correct accreditations and compliance training is required to ensure shipments are delivered safely.
Jag Express offers specialist courier services for universities and research facilities.

Rely on Jag Express for your research sample logistics

Many universities and research institutes already rely on us for their complex sample shipments – the University of Cambridge and Birmingham University – to name just two. Here are just a few of the solutions and service features we offer our customers:

  • Urgent same day delivery: we can support with both ad hoc, time-critical shipments and regular routes between university sites, hospitals and/or laboratories. Same day delivery can be for shipments with a destination in the UK, throughout most of Europe and even some major hubs in the U.S.
  • UK overnight or next day delivery: for when your shipments don’t have a same day delivery requirement and aren’t deemed urgent or fragile.
  • Dry ice shipments: Jag Express are experts in dry ice shipping locally, nationally and internationally. We can also support with temperature-controlled shipments outside the use of dry ice, and can work with you to provide a customised solution to best meet your requirements.
  • Support with paperwork, customs documentation and clearance, labeling and compliant packaging: It takes time and knowledge to ensure your shipment paperwork is completed and all compliance regulations are met – not to mention navigating customs clearance. We have dedicated team members who manage paperwork and packaging like this every day for our clients. By letting us take care of the details, you can focus on the core parts of your job instead of logistics.
  • End-to-end communication and live-tracking: All of our customers receive up-to-date communications on their shipment, and have the Jag Express team at the other end of the phone or email if you need us. We also offer real-time tracking for all shipments all the way through to its final destination, providing you with peace of mind.
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